12 unforgivable mistakes you make when drinking wine

Drinking wine can be considered exclusive and elitist, creating a mental barrier in people who do not know much about the subject and make them feel uncomfortable and out of place.

Most of us are not experts in oenology and simply confine ourselves to trying, nodding and shaking our heads when we like a wine or not. Unable to give our opinion specifically.

The good news is that learning these etiquette rules when drinking wine will help you let out the little sommelier that lives in you.

We present the mistakes when drinking wine that you should avoid:

Serve the wine at the wrong temperature

Experts recommend that the white be between 10 and 15 degrees, of the dry young (about 10) and the fermented in barrel (less cold, about 12 degrees). In any case nothing of the 4 degrees or less that usually is in the refrigerator.

Red wines are suggested to take between 15 and 21 degrees. The recommended is 9 degrees for the young red, about 10 for the pink, 15 for the red aging and 17 degrees maximum, corresponding to the reserve and large reserve.

Smell the cork

Before it was common to smell the cork in the restaurant when the sommelier uncorked the bottle in front of us, it was a sign of good taste and education.

Today can be frowned upon. The reason is very simple: the aroma of cork says little and nothing about the quality and condition of the wine in the bottle.

Serve the drink in a glass

Serving wine in this way will only cause it to lose its properties. Opt for a glass with a tall stem, this prevents the wine from getting hot and with a large enough ball the wine will be oxygenated getting its aromas released.

To think that a reserve wine is better than a young wine

This only means that the wine was longer in barrels, which gives it flavors and aromas that many young wines do not have.

Serve in a wet cup

A dry and clean glass is better, since a wet cup still contains water and can affect the taste of the wine.

Ignore the pairing

Pairing is defined as “marrying” wine with a certain food, something that can be learned and can be adapted to the consumer’s lifestyle.

Do not use decanter

The decanters fulfill the function of eliminating sediments in aged wines, which can give a bad taste.

It is also suitable for younger wines, because it helps to aerate them, to oxygenate them, opening their aromas and avoiding the aftertaste of closed or leather they may have. Just removing the cork a while before does not always produce the same effect, especially in wines that have spent a lot of time in the bottle after aging.

If the cork breaks, push it

It is something absolutely forbidden, the cork dropped in the wine translates into a degradation of the taste of the wine.

It is a true faux pas and reveals that the person who is uncorking the bottle is nervous and / or lacks experience. When the cork is too damaged, we can only apologize and open a new one. It is always advisable to have a reserve bottle.

Believing that a more expensive wine is always better

The price does not determine the quality. A wine is a drink of moments and an expensive wine needs some training for its tasting so as not to end in disappointment.

Drink the cup by its bowl

Always hold the cup by the base of the stem with your thumb and index finger. If you take it by the chalice or body you will modify the temperature of the wine, soiling the glass and heating the wine. The less contact contact our hands have with that part of the cup will be better.

Fill the glasses

The reason they are half filled is to let the wine breathe. Do it a little below the middle of the glass and it will be perfect.

Shake too much

Be gentle when you spin a glass, if you shake it too much it will cause only its bitter taste.

Avoid especially in older wines, because they lose their bouquet more quickly in contact with the air. Decree them only before consuming them and without moving the bottle too much.

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