5 steps to preserve the wine correctly

If you are one of the people who like to have several bottles of wine to be prepared for any occasion or you usually receive them as a gift, it is recommended that you know the correct way to keep them. In this post we will give you some suggestions to maintain its quality for a longer time until the time comes for you to consume them.

You do not need to have a warehouse to store them properly, just follow these guidelines that we indicate below:


The bottle should preferably be in a horizontal position with a slight inclination. In this way the liquid will be in contact with the cork and the sediments will be deposited in the base of the bottle and will keep the cork moist so that it does not lose all its properties and thus better guarantee the tight seal. Accommodate your bottles with the label always facing up, so you will avoid moving them when you are looking for a special wine.
If you already know which wine you are going to uncork for your event, take it out a few days in advance and put it in an upright position, so the sediments will settle on the bottom of the bottle.


Store your wines at a temperature that does not exceed 18 degrees Celsius, since the higher it is, the more it will accelerate the aging process and alter the components of the wine. Keep the bottles in a cool and ventilated place, away from strong odors, for example vegetables especially potatoes and onions and cleaning products as they can contaminate the wine. One of the worst places to store your wine is the kitchen.


Wine is usually bottled in green glass to protect it from light, yet light is still its natural enemy as it causes oxidation of the wine. Keep them in places away from moisture and dark.


Moisture is another determining factor in wine conservation. In abundance it helps the proliferation of fungi, spoiling the liquid yielding the flavor of the wine and the absence of this mainly affects the cork by drying it, causing it to lose flexibility and allowing the air to come into contact with the wine by oxidizing it and also causing the evaporation of wine


Not all wines improve with time, knowing which ones should be consumed when buying them and which ones are suitable for keeping them. There are certain factors that play an important role: grape type, aging, add.

You can rely on this guide to know the correct time you should save your wines.

  • Young. A wine that you can or between three and six years since its purchase.
  • Reservation. The suggested time after buying it between six and eight years.
  • Great reserve. It can be preserved for approximately 10 years.

Now that you know how to preserve your wines better we are sure that you will feel more confident that your bottles will be preserved in a correct way. Keep it between one and three years from its purchase.

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