How to properly open a bottle of wine.

An important moment in the wine service is to open the bottle, it can be considered a ritual. You are opening the effort of hundreds of people who have dedicated their time to putting a piece of land on your table where they have grown the wine grapes you are about to drink.

Before applying the steps to open the wine bottle, we need a corkscrew. It is essential to do it with delicacy, skill and the patience it deserves. Remembering that the older the wine, the more care we should have.

The most used is the two-stroke corkscrew. Choose a simple one, light and with black propeller, that is, bathed in Teflon to facilitate the introduction into the cork, and with a pocket knife.

Steps to follow to properly open a bottle of wine

1. Place the bottle upright

Keep the wine bottle upright and try to move it as little as possible. This way you will avoid that the possible grounds or sediments can alter or cloud the wine.

2. Cut the capsule

We will use the capsule cutter or corkscrew cutter, to cut the capsule below the neck, that is the neck. It must be done without turning the bottle.

The label must face the person who requested it at all times. He turns his hand and the corkscrew, not the bottle. It should not emit any sound when opening.

The neck and the top of the cap are cleaned with a clean cloth to avoid dragging metal or dust debris.

3. Corkscrew Insertion

After cutting the capsule we will proceed to introduce the sharp part of the corkscrew into the center of the cork. We screw it to the right and it will be inserted by slowly turning the propeller in the cork of the bottle.

We will stop when we can support the short lever of the corkscrew to start removing the first half of the cork. The other lever is automatically positioned circling until the corkscrew spiral almost disappears.


Insert the corkscrew being careful not to exceed the cork, bits of it may fall into the wine.

4. Remove the cork

Lightly press the base of the bottle on the table to fix it. Hold the short lever and make no noise with the corkscrew, slowly remove the cork with a single movement using the long lever up.

When taking out the cork, we must do it delicately, without making the noise.

5. Check the cork

Now that we open the bottle of wine. Clean the mouth of the bottle with a clean cloth, preventing any remaining cork from mixing with the wine when served.

Check that the wine retains all its intact properties. Look at the appearance of the cork, if it is stained, check that it is not more than 20% of the cork.

As for smell, the plug should smell like cork or wine, never damp or other unpleasant aromas.

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