How to read a wine label

When choosing a wine, what we least expect is to surprise us with our choice, hence the importance of learning to read a wine label and being able to interpret the instructions they provide.

On the label of a bottle of wine there is important information to interpret. This can help you choose: its denomination of origin, the locality in which it is made, the grape varieties that have been used, the alcoholic degree or whether or not it is aged in the barrel.

To be able to read a label correctly we will know important details of the wine which will help us to choose the most suitable for the moment in which we want to consume it.

In this article we have prepared a basic guide so you know how to read a wine label.

Identifying elements of a wine label

Grape variety

The name of the grape can tell you how the wine is, with each of its own characteristics, generally, together with the year of the harvest and its aging.

Region of origin

They help predict the taste of wines.  

Appellation of origin

The denomination of origin gives us information about its origin.

Producer or vineyard

Information about the bottler or the winery responsible for the wine (name, registration, location).

Alcohol percentage

It tells us the percentage of alcohol in the wine. If they have an alcoholic strength of 14% they are usually wines with great body, while if they go below 11% they are sweeter, lighter and easier to drink wines.

Year of production

Indicates the year of the vine harvest.

Decipher the DOC

Means Denomination of controlled origin

Net content

It is the total amount of the liquid, which is expressed in milliliters. The standard wine bottle has 750ml.


Make the name and address of the bottler known.


Check if the label has medals or awards, for its oenological excellence.

Dare to try, so you can meet different grapes, regions and crops.

We hope you find it easier to read a wine label with this guide. And be ready to start the fascinating world of viticulture.

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