Know the true meaning of the Posadas

Christmas inns are a tradition in Mexico, their festivities date back to colonial times. Its origin is of a religious nature, these represent the pilgrimage of Joseph and the virgin Mary on her way to Bethlehem.

They are celebrated from December 16 and end on December 24.

Each element of the inns has a very special meaning:

  • The role of the piñata symbolizes the triumph of faith over sin and it must have seven peaks that represent the seven deadly sins.
  • Sweets and fruit symbolize the grace of God.
  • The blindfold is faith.
  • God is represented by the stick with which the piñata is stuck.
  • The people around symbolize the church who will indicate the way to overcome sin.

And although it is an event as we commented about the Catholic religion, it is a celebration that we carry out as a family, with our friends or at work.

Follow these points that will help you organize it correctly:

aperitivos posada


Before starting the celebration you can offer some peanuts, dips with potatoes, cheese board or dried fruit


It is an ideal occasion to show the Christmas decoration of your house. You can decorate with lanterns, confetti, frost, small piñatas, etc.


The people who will carry the images of the Virgin Mary and the Lord Saint Joseph must be designated. You can take them in a tray covered with moss or hay.

canto posadas

Prayers and songs

This is divided into two stages:

Christmas Novena – The Prayer

Once the guests have arrived they will start with the Pray of the Inn. This prayer is done with all attendees around the Pilgrims.

Ordering inn

This is the moment where the candles are distributed and all the assistants with their lit candles form two rows. We suggest you cover the bottom of the candles with aluminum foil so that nobody burns

In the first row will go the Pilgrims and behind all the others. While they walk they will sing the litany. This walk means the path of Joseph and Mary from their place of origin to Bethlehem. At this time a row is formed which remains outside and the other row enters the house.

To sing the traditional song to ask for an inn, some people must remain inside the house and others with their candles lit in the patio. Some of them will take the Pilgrims, at this moment it is when the stanza is sung “enter pilgrims” the doors open with great joy and everyone enters.


Fill your piñata with traditional seasonal fruits and candied sweets. Remember to have an extra stick in case it breaks.

piñata posada


You can serve something simple like the traditional fruit punch, tamales or fritters. It all depends on the number of people you are going to receive and your budget.

Now you are ready to celebrate an inn in a traditional way. Remember, the important thing about these celebrations is to spend a pleasant time with family and friends.

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