The perfect wine and chocolate pairing

Chocolate is an exquisite pleasure for our palate. Most people like it and it is almost impossible to believe when someone tells us they don’t like its taste. There are different types of chocolate (white, black without milk or milk) and forms that have become a staple food. The famous Swiss, Belgian and Italian chocolatiers use only the best selected cocoa beans to produce the best chocolates.

Both have similar characteristics that marry very well. Cocoa and wine have fruity or floral aromas. It is not an easy pairing, cocoa has tannins, very similar to those present in wine. In both we will be able to appreciate specific characteristics of aroma and flavor that will make them compatible or not

To achieve a correct pairing, the intensity of the wine and chocolate must be considered, if we want to combine a very potent wine with a chocolate with a very mild flavor, it will go unnoticed, since the wine will cover it with its power.

3 key points you should consider to achieve a perfect pairing

Select a quality chocolate.

We can not pretend to accompany a glass of wine with any type of chocolate you get in stores or supermarket. These types of products contain various elements that can dull the characteristic flavors of chocolate. The ideal is to buy them of higher quality, in which the quality of cocoa is highlighted. It is considered of quality when the composition is 90% of cocoa components. The greater its composition in cocoa paste and cocoa butter.

It is important to take into account three aspects that are part of the chocolate composition:

  • Cocoa paste: provides the flavor and aromas. The higher the proportion of cocoa, this will be more bitter, darker in color and its flavor will be more intense.
  • Cocoa butter: it is the fatty part of the structure in greater proportion, this will be perceived more creamy or creamy in the mouth.
  • Sugar: is the one that brings sweetness.

The wine must be able to withstand the weight offered by chocolate

Opt for wines that have a good structure. In this sense, depending on the type of chocolate (white, milk or pure) that we have chosen, it will be better combined with one wine or another. It is essential that the wine is the same or a little sweeter than the chocolate that accompanies it, otherwise, we will notice it more bitter and its quality will decrease.

Cut them separately.

Delight yourself with the flavors and nuances of each.

Once this is done it is advisable to take a piece of chocolate and leave it on the tongue until it melts and then drink from your glass of wine and drink. Thus, we will mix them in the tongue feeling all the flavors and discover if we have succeeded with the perfect pairing.

This is the time to move to the maximum tasting experience by combining them.

What do you expect to enjoy the pleasure and benefits of the wine and chocolate combination?

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