Types and shapes of wine glasses

There are two essential points that you should know before serving any type of wine. The temperature at which you should serve it and how to choose the right type of cup. Knowing the different types of glasses is essential to get the most out of your wine. Serving in any cup or glass can alter the experience and vary substantially

Types of Cups


The Burgundy cup has a flared shape of the top of the cup allowing you to discover the fruity aromas of the wine. It provides enough space for young and old wine types to breathe.

Recommended for: red wines from Bordeaux, Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Brunello di Montalcino, Cabernet Franc, Domina, Fronsac, Graves Rouge or Listrac


The Bordeaux cup is very wide and tall. It is designed to air very elaborate red wines.

The opening of the cup is approximately six centimeters. It allows us to approach the nose easily and perceive aromas well.


Pinot Noir

The one known as Pinot Noir is an excellent large glass for this type of wine, with a moderate tannin body and high acidity.

It is expressly designed to direct the flow of the liquid to the area of ​​the palate that is responsible for distinguishing fruity flavors.

The shape of the cup seeks to express the red fruits of Pinot Noir, highlighting the sweetness and balancing its acidity

Cabernet Sauvignon

The Cabernet Sauvignon glass is recognized for harmonizing the aromas and flavors of the wine in an excellent way. Softens the rough edges, highlights the fruit character and allows the wines to balance.

In addition, the large size of the cup allows the vessel to fully develop.

Forms of wine glasses.

The cups are made up of 3 elements that will give you your overall personality: base, stem and body. The base and the stem are the decorative part. The body may instead vary in shape, volume and width.

  • The thinner the edge, the less distractions we will have when enjoying it.
  • In the bowl or chalice we will find different volumes and shapes. 
  • The stem allows us to hold the glass without heating the wine with our hands, as well as allowing us to oxygenate the wine by turning it.
  • The foot allows the cup to maintain its vertical position.

The shape of glass wine glasses with colors and some carvings are very decorative, but they are not recommended when tasting wine. They can cover the true color of the wine, so it is always recommended to have transparent glass or glass cups, so we will avoid covering the true color of the wine.

Theoretically you can use a cup shape for all styles of wine, but with one condition: its bowl must be large enough to stir the wine, opening it to more air and allowing its aromas to release.

Do not forget that before the wine service, the glasses must be clean and dry.

The taste of wine is not only better when drunk in the proper glass, but also without any other strange aroma 

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