Types of red wine

Selecting a wine is a complex process, today we find a variety of brands from different countries offering a variety of labels. Most of the time we are guided by the taste or smell to define what type of red wine we like.

The aromatic qualities can come from the grape itself, from the activity of microorganisms, from time (aging), from additions (wood, oxygenation, gluing, yeasts, etc.) or from subtractions (reduction, filtration, etc.)

What would happen if you knew the character of each type of grape? How is that red color in its exterior becomes a so sophisticated drink that is part of all our meetings, dinners, anniversaries or simply accompanies us at a time when we get home to rest and relax.

Grape variety

Each wine has a characteristic that makes it special, provided by the type of grape used for its elaboration. There are two fundamental types of grapes to make wine: white and red (or red). In this Blog we will talk about the grapes that are used to make red wines.


The one of the most aromatic grapes and is characterized by having a mild flavor and ruby ​​color. Merlot grapes ripen quickly producing a wine with a high alcohol content, fruity aroma (blackberries, red fruits, currants) and spicy. It is the fourth grape variety with the greatest coverage in the world.

Cabernet Sauvignon

It is a grape variety that gives a very powerful, strong, tannic wine, spiced with peppery notes. Its primary aromas are those of red and black fruits and violets.

During the rearing it will acquire complex aromas either by evolution of the primary ones or by the appearance of secondary ones and very especially of tertiary aromas (those of the aging one), with the presence of licorice, cedar, tobacco or truffle.


Argentina flagship grape. It is a type of grape that gives a dark and inked wine that usually has a blackberry and black plum flavor, achieving a velvety, concentrated and intense flavor. It is not as refined as a Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon.

Pinot Noir

Very soft tannins with notes of tea leaf, moist soil and / or leather. a grape variety that requires a lot of pampering and, when you get the best out of it, we can face a sublime wine. The aromas of this wine are fruity (berries, strawberries, grapefruits) but we can also find floral tones (earthy, mint, vanilla).


The Syrah grape is representative of Australia. Powerful wine, but not as much as Malbec or Petit Syrah.

It is one of the most powerful thanks to its floral and fruity aromas that intermingle with smoky touches, a mixture of leather and mint very marked. Its color is deep red, rich in tannins and usually reminiscent of a fragrance of violets, tobacco and truffles.


It is a type of medium-bodied red wine, offers notes of strawberry with a taste of fresh and somewhat spicy fruit.

It is mixed with strains such as: Canaiolo Nero, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syra and Merlot. The purpose of the mixture is to grant color, fleshyness and softness on the part of the other strains, considering that Sangiovese lacks one of these characteristics.


Its name derives from the fact that it is one of the grapes that is first picked. Fruit and aromatic notes. Due to its low acidity and low sugar presence it is very common to mix it with a small percentage of other strains to achieve better broths. It is considered of medium or medium high intensity

We hope this information helps you to know a little more about the grapes and gradually identify the ones that you like the most. Learn to know you first which are the flavors that are most pleasant to your palate. This is the basic principle to know what type of wine is your favorite.

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