Stable House

1911 Black Wine

Ensamble Cabernet Sauvignon – Tempranillo – Malbec – Shiraz

Corpulent wine with an intense ruby ​​red of garnet trim that visually gives pigmented legs visible in the glass. An expressive and intense nose with a profile of black and ripe fruits, among which blackberry, blueberry and prune. Floral notes of pink and violet, spiced like black pepper, clove and vanilla. The palate shows a powerful attack and a development that confirms its fruity profile, medium high acidity and firm tannins is an excellent choice for demanding dishes with fatty and spicy characteristics.

A red wine with a lot of body and a very long finish to enjoy a complex aftertaste. Perfect companion for a roasted flank steak, a melted cheese or a beef steak in mushroom sauce, pepper tips and excellent to enjoy with a mixed table with ripe cheeses, black fruits, serrano ham and Spanish chorizo.

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