Meet the aromas of a wine like a professional.

Did you know that smell has a sensory capacity superior to any other sense and is able to distinguish more variants than the sense of taste? That’s why learning to smell a wine is key.

Smelling the wine before trying it is the key to appreciate it to the fullest.

A wine is composed of different aromas that every wine lover should at least try to appreciate.

hombre oliendo vino

Has it happened to you that you drink wine and you don't know how to distinguish aromas and they all smell the same?

You are not the only one. It has happened to all of us on occasion, they ask us what you think about wine and you don’t know what to answer and you end up saying delicious.

Did you know that thanks to the aroma of the wine we can obtain information about the grape variety with which the wine has been made, the procedure used in its elaboration or the age among others.

What would happen if you distinguished the aromas of a wine like a professional? How would it make you feel?

Imagine going to a meeting, dinner or party with friends and be the one who can detect that aroma. Surely you would feel the most knowledgeable of all, right?

The good news...

It is very easy to learn to detect the aroma of a wine. It will take time to perfect the technique, as you learn to detect the aroma the wine will be more adept at isolating and identifying each of its aromas.

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