Chihuahua is an arid territory with extreme climates. With marked changes of temperature in the seasons of the year: Heat, rain and snowfall. Thanks to the versatility of the extreme conditions in the state, there is great potential to produce high quality grapes and wines. The benefits that the crop has, such as saving water, are extraordinary, since this resource is not required so much.


The Casa Establo region is surrounded by 1,600 walnut trees.

The quality of the soil is good, because it has a sandy soil that obtains a rapid ripening of the grapes, due to the nutrients of this type of soil, aromatic wines are produced but with a lower tannic load.







The vineyard has an average annual temperature of 15 degrees achieving its minimum temperatures of -8 degrees and maximum of 35 degrees.

During the day, long hours of sun and at night the temperature drops considerably, a fundamental characteristic that creates an ideal microclimate for the planting of our grapes.

Types of grapes

At CASA ESTABLO we harvest Merlot grapes. This grape has a peculiar characteristic for having a fast ripening that together with Cabernet-Sauvignon combine perfectly for this type of wine.


It is a traditional grape in each vineyard. Famous, versatile and adaptable to each crop. You get a smooth wine with notes of red and black fruits with sweet taste. Ideal for barrel aging. Depending on the climate where it is grown, it will develop different personalities.

Cabernet Sauvignon

It is a classic grape that refers to red wine. It offers more delicate flavors and aromas. The property of this grape allows to make wines rich in tannin, with a great body.

Red wine with Cabernet Sauvignon is an intense red tone. It presents fruity, floral and herbal aromas that become more complex with aging. When they are young, they are fruity, aromatic, they are presented as slightly herbaceous, with a raspberry red accent and violet hues.


It is an affable and sweet grape with a fruity aroma. It is ideal for the production of single-strain wines with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, they favor the structure of the wine, obtaining a great taste experience.

The wines made with Syrah stand out for having a peculiar flavor and body.


It is a grape with a dark and abundant color. With an aroma of black fruits, an explosion of mild flavor and sweet spices on the palate. Velvety, concentrated and intense wines are achieved.


It is the grape that takes less to ripen than all the previous ones. Tempranillo strains are quite fertile and give high yields. The grape is thick skinned and gives the wines a medium to low acidity, for this reason, when the wine is young, notes of berries and soft fruity touches appear. It is perfect for young wine.


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