CASA ESTABLO was born as an experimental project in conjunction with the University of Chihuahua, in search of new crops that were more friendly to the environment and the efficient use of water, in 2010 the first 1 hectare plantation began,with various varieties of vines, having great results in quality and development of the plant.

Following the good development, the decision was made to make a plantation with growth plans in the northwest region of the State of Chihuahua.

The philosophy of Stable House is to create a wine of unique quality, respecting the processes of artisanal elaboration without leaving aside the new technologies with small productions that allow the consumer to taste a wine with unique characteristics that the Chihuahua region gives us.

At CASA ESTABLO being a company that respects the environment and cultures of our state, we encourage the development of Tarahumara communities, giving employment where they can develop as trained people without neglecting their roots, with this we try to ensure that the national and foreign market does not You can only consume a wine produced in Chihuahua, but also know the Tarahumara culture that is originally from the State.

In CASA ESTABLO we promote the personal development of the communities that are in our vineyards teaching and educating each of the collaborators for a better management of the crop.

The potential areas for grape harvest are: Bachíniva, Delicias, Sacramento, Encinillas and Chihuahua capital.

On the planet there are two strips, which cross the latitudes 30º and 50º north over the equator and in the south between the parallels 30º and 40º, in these strips factors such as temperature, humidity and wind are favorable for the development of the vines . And Chihuahua is within the wine strip. In addition to this the state of Chihuahua through studies it was found that it has the 5 microclimates that France has as a country, which is why the state of Chihuahua is considered as a suitable land for the production of quality grapes and wines.

The climate varies greatly depending on the altitude, the advantages of the state are the semi-arid cold climate and the clay-gravelly soil. The maximum altitude is 2 thousand 800 meters. They have little rainfall. The soils are clay and burdensome.

The state of Chihuahua through studies showed that it has the 5 microclimates that France has as a country, which is why the State is considered as a suitable land for the production of quality grapes and wines.

The advantages of the State are the cold semi-arid climate and the clay-gravelly soil, the maximum altitude is 2 thousand 800 meters, it also helps that there are scarce rains and the soils are clayey and burdensome.

Chihuahua is an arid territory with extreme climates. With marked changes of temperature in the seasons of the year: Heat, rain and snowfall. Thanks to the versatility of the extreme conditions in the state, there is great potential to produce high quality grapes and wines. The benefits of the crop, such as saving water, are extraordinary, since this resource is not required so much.

The CASA ESTABLO region is surrounded by 1,600 walnut trees.

The quality of the soil is good, because it has a sandy soil that obtains a quick ripening of the grapes, due to the nutrients of this type of soil, aromatic wines are produced but with a lower tannic load.

The Hacienda de Bustillos, headquarters of Francisco Madero. Convalescent of a gunshot wound in a battle in Casas Grandes on March 6, 1911, Don Francisco l. Madero is established at the Hacienda de Bustillos.

It is in this place where Madero establishes his Government and headquarters from March 29 to April 8, to achieve the concentration of dispersed guerrillas and organize a strategy.

His faithful friend Abraham González and Francisco Villa attend, who formally joins the revolutionary ranks with two hundred men and Pascual Orozco, thus forming the first Maderista army with two thousand men. This meeting is known as the “Bustillos Conference”.

The Hacienda de Bustillos was a fundamental geographical point for the strategy to combat the government of Porfirio Díaz.

Following the history of the Hacienda de Bustillos, we decided to capture the mustaches as a tribute to the revolutionaries who fought where our wines are born today.


13.5 Degrees of Alcohol. 1 year of fermentation. Gold medal in contest in Ensenada, Baja California 2016. Harvest 2015. Ensemble
Shiraz • Malbec

1911 White

13.5 Degrees of Alcohol. 1 year of fermentation. Awarded with gold medal in contest in Ensenada, Baja California 2018. Harvest 2015. Ensemble
Cabernet Sauvignon • Tempranillo

1911 Black

13.5 Degrees of Alcohol. 1 year of fermentation. Harvest 2015. Assembly
Cabernet Sauvignon • Shiraz
Malbec • Tempranillo

Cabernet sauvignon: It brings a pleasant acidity to the wine and ages very well in the barrel. Of French origin, it is used in many of the best red wines in the world.

Tempranillo: It gives rise to soft and fruity wines, with well-balanced intense ruby ​​colors, suitable for early consumption and aging is called that because grapes are picked before other varieties.

Malbec: With it velvety, concentrated and intense wines of great aromatic intensity and freshness of red fruits are achieved

Merlot: It is the most aromatic grape and usually has a mild taste. It is an intense ruby ​​color and ages quickly without losing its quality

Shiraz: Bright red and dark bright color, its tannins are very soft and show an acidity that will be present on the palate.

Cabernet franc: Very colored musts, high in sugar. Very fragrant and scented reminiscent of raspberries. Very light, aromatic and pleasant youth base.


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